Laboratory and Testing Equipment

Our laboratory in Mitaş Fasteners, performing services with qualified personnel and high-end testing equipment has ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for tensile test, hardness test, impact test, k_factor-torque-tension test and spectral analysis.
Mitaş Fasteners uses top of the range high-end testing equipment to ensure product reliability and 100 percent compliance with customer requirements.

  • Spectrometer (SPECTRO, Germany) for raw material and semi-finished product chemical analysis,
  • Cutting, mounting and polishing machines (STRUERS, Denmark) for preparing metallographic examination samples,
  • Microscope (NIKON, Japan) to examine the microstructure, grain size, inclusions, decarburization / carburization and coating thickness in raw materials and products,
  • Vickers hardness test machine (EMCOTEST, Austria) for checking the hardness of bolt and nut threads,
  • Universal hardness test machine (EMCOTEST, Austria) to determine the hardness of materials based on Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell methods,
  • (Charpy) impact test machine (TINIUS OLSEN, USA) to determine the ductility of materials in cold weather conditions,
  • 1.500 kN tensile test machine (TINIUS OLSEN, USA) to determine the tensile, shear, proof loads and elongation properties of materials,
  • 8.000 Nm torque-tension-k_factor test machine (SCHATZ KISTLER, Germany) to determine the torque, preload force and coefficient of friction for bolts used in critical connections,
  • MPI test machine (MAGNAFLUX, Germany) to detect surface defects and crack formations,
  • Digital instruments with magnetic probe (CHECKLINE, USA) to determine the coating thickness,
  • Optical measuring machine (VICI, Italy) that determines all thread, dimensional and geometric measurements of bolts and shaft-shaped cold-forged parts (deflection, linearity) within 10 seconds,
  • Optical measuring microscope (Visioneng, UK) that measures thread profiles, transition zones and underhead radius,
  • Torquemeters (BMS, Ireland) to determine very precise torque values.

List of Machines
Machine Test Method Country of origin Brand Model Picture
Tensile Test Machine ISO 6892-1, ISO 898-1 , ISO 898-2, ASTM A370, ASTM F606/F606M, ASTM E8/E8M USA TINIUS OLSEN Model 300 Super "L"
Charpy Impact Test Machine ISO 148-1 , ASTM E23 ,ASTM A370 USA TINIUS OLSEN IT406E(542E)
"Torque Tension and Friction Coefficient Test Machine" ISO 16047 , EN 14399-2 Germany SCHATZ-KISTLER 5413/2777
Vickers Hardness Test Machine ISO 6507-1 ,ASTM E92 Austria EMCOTEST DURASCAN 50
Abrasive Cutting Machine Denmark LABOTOM-3
Molding Machine Denmark STRUERS CITOPRESS-1
Polishing and Grinding Machine Denmark STRUERS LABOFORCE-3
Microscope Japan NIKON ME600
Profile Projection Britain VISONENG JCXF-DK/VİSİON
CMM Italy DEA GLOBAL 07.05.07
Universal Hardness Test Machine Vickers : ISO 6507-1,ASTM E92 Rockwell:ISO 6508-1,ASTM E18 Brinell:ISO 6506-1,ASTM E10 Austria EMCOTEST DURAVISION 20 G5
Magnetic Particle Inspection Test Machine Germany MAGNAFLUX Unıversal We Touch Tcode(600/900)
Optic Measurement Machine Italy VICIVISION M309 Techno