Mechanical Production and Hot Forging

Special fasteners that require standard, hot production and machining such as bolts, pins, anchors, u-bolts, v-bolts, worm gears are manufactured in the Mitaş Fasteners Mechanical Production Division in accordance with the DIN, EN ISO, BS, ASTM, CAS, GOST and TSE standards.

Production is performed using CAD-CAM software that ensures error-free manufacture of high-quality parts, with cutting edge CNC machines and vertical processing centers, and the quality control for these products is performed with our CMM devices in our accredited laboratory.

Various procedures such as cutting with guillotine press or band saw, bending with hydraulic press or bending machine, machining, thread cutting, diameter reduction, scrubbing, drilling etc. can be performed in our mechanical production division.

Additionally, in our mechanical production division, hot-forged bolt production in the dimensional range between M12 to M56 and lengths between 30mm to 450mm can be performed according to the standards or customer-specific technical specifications.