Cold Forging and Cold Heading

Wire rods supplied from world-class steel manufacturers with certified quality are formed with cold forging, using computerized fasteners processing machines consisting of Nedschroef and Sacma brand four and five-die stations.

In the manufacturing process, products are manufactured in accordance with DIN, EN, ISO, BS, ASTM, CAS, GOST and TSE standards, and as per the special requests of customers. Based on the customer's requirements, fastenerss in the dimensional range between M6 to M30, and lengths between 20mm to 240mm can be manufactured according to many different quality classes (4.6, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 6.9, 8.8, 10.9).

The manufacturing process begins with raw material input and approval, and continues with periodic inspections conducted by the operators. Process transitions are monitored through SAP and it is ensured that before proceeding with the next step, the quality control approval process is completed through SAP at every step.

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Project Specifications
Nedschroef NB415 M8-M12 (5/16”-1/2”) (15-125mm size)
Nedschroef NB416 M10-M16 (3/8”-5/8”) (25-140mm size)
Nedschroef NB518 M10-M18 (3/8”-3/4”) (25-160mm size)
Nedschroef BV631 M16-M24 (5/8”-1”) (30-205mm size)
Sacma SP660 M20-M30 (3/4”-1 ¼”) (40-340mm size)