Working at MİTAŞ

At MİTAŞ Fasteners we are committed to providing our employees good working conditions, a safe and healthy work environment with positive individual and collective relationships.

We believe that in order to achieve our business goals it is essential to build a corporate culture based on trust, mutual respect and dialogue of employees at all levels. In this regard, we encourage two-way dialogue with our employees in order to share knowledge and to carry out and improve our jobs jointly. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination at our workplaces to damage this dialogue. Our human resources management ensures that necessary actions are in the place and the voice of the employees is heard.

We believe diversity creates more opportunity for success. This is why we recruit colleagues from different universities all around Turkey, and some from abroad, who can contribute to our growth in global markets.

We are a dynamic organization with minimal levels of management, which strengthens cooperation between colleagues, increases work efficiency, encourages creativity, improves implementation of decisions and supports our goals for the future competitiveness in the industry.

We actively take part in the social responsibility projects in various fields, including education, culture and art, sports, and young entrepreneurships, with the strong willingness of our employees to participate in supporting others.

We organize social events for our employees and their families throughout the year, which helps to build relationships, understand different perspectives and expand social circles.

In our premises covering an engineering office and a campus of five manufacturing factories, each working in different aspects of our fields of activity, our employees have the opportunity not only to perform jobs but also to improve their individual and teamwork responsibility and skills.

All these create a working environment, which support our say “We are MİTAŞ!”