Hot Dip Galvanizing

Within the Mitaş Cıvata compound, there are two facilities that perform Centrifugal Galvanising. In our fully-automated Centrifugal Hot Dip Galvanising Facilities specially designed to ensure a uniform coating thickness, Hot Dip Galvanising of threaded materials such as bolts, nuts and anchors in addition to hardware parts such as washers are performed.

For this purpose, our factory houses 2 separate Hot Dip Galvanising facilities with a production capacity of 2000 tons per month, which makes them the leading plants in Turkey, and these facilities are managed through a software that enables the computerized monitoring of the entire production.

The chemical composition of the furnaces of the galvanising plants are inspected in a ISO 17025 accredited laboratory within Mitaş, using the Spectral Analysis method, in order to ensure operational conformity according to international standards and to minimize the deviations in coating quality. Similarly, the inspection of pickling baths that have great influence on coating quality is also performed periodically by experienced personnel who are trained in this field.